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What’s in a name? A lot, really. Your name is yours and no one else’s. In many cases it defines who you are. In writing, the same is true. We writers have a tough time with names. Sometimes, we think of the name first and then write a book around it. Other times, the name becomes more of a “working title” that just stays there because we can’t think of anything we like. That’s what happened to The World According to Max.

I knew when I wrote it, I would change it. But I never did. Until now. It’s hard parting with a name that has been comfortable, but then, as I send it out to agents and publishers, I have realized that the title being comfortable is the biggest problem. It’s comfortable. It’s common. It’s safe. Yes, it sums up the book and the general idea, but it certainly doesn’t grab your attention. And what I really need now from the publishing world is their attention.

So, over the course of some time, I will be changing the name of the book to:

Mushrooms In My Head, Dead Lions In The Yard

If you have read the book, you know where these came from. If not, don’t you really want to read it and find out?