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e5a4_bazinga_hoodieThis past Thanksgiving, my brother and his wife announced the May arrival of a new little bundle of love. They already have one little punkin’ boy who has dubbed me Auntie Penguin. Now, he likes to play hard to get with his Auntie Penguin when she wants a hug or to steal some sugars from his little face, but that’s ok. He tells his mamma that he loves me and I know he does. So, of course we were thrilled for Number 2 to be on the way.

Maybe it’s a little early, but it IS the holidays and the new bambini is with us in a way, so there will be gifts for that one too. I was so excited to find the perfect little toy for the sweet new addition. It’s a monkey that is laying on it’s side sweetly sleeping. It has lovely nature sounds and even some lullaby music to gently calm your sleepy newborn. It also lets you record your own voice. I decided to go ahead and do this before I wrapped it up.

So, what should Auntie Penguin record? A loving message? Not quite the style of this sarcastic aunt. But then I remembered that my sister in law used to say she wished I was around more to sing to my nephew since I can sing and she can’t. Ah ha! A song! It has to be the perfect one to play over and over to a slumbering little bundle of cuteness. But which one?

Why, there is only one perfect choice: Soft Kitty

Bazinga Number 2! Auntie Penguin is starting you off right.


Photo credit: thinkgeek.com