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Kindle CoverIt is about time I took matters into my own hands and got my book out there for more than just the selected few who have been laughing along with the antics of my spunky little girl, Max.

I have long documented my quest to find the funny in the chaos of raising a little one with Sensory Processing Disorder, specifically, a Sensory Seeker, by blogging about it. It seemed everything I could find about parenting a Seeker was written by frazzled moms who had lost sight of their child as a child and could only see the disability. I decided then that I would not be one of those frazzled parents, or if I was, I was going to have some good laughs along the way. Max is a funny quirky little girl with a unique lens through which she sees the world. She may have a disability, but it doesn’t have her. Max can give anyone a run for their money!

Look for updates on the availability of the paperback and Kindle versions of the book, Mushrooms In My Head, Dead Lions In The Yard coming soon!