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twitter-bird-blue-on-whiteTeachers, how do you use Twitter in your classroom? Social media is taking over and students are constantly checking in. And it doesn’t stop there. As an elementary teacher, I know my students’ parents are becoming increasingly dependent on the platforms of Twitter and Facebook for their daily news and interactions.

So, do you put them to work for you?

I have seen high school teachers tweeting news and assignments to their students knowing full well they will check that long before they look in their agendas. Many teachers design Facebook pages for their classes. But, how do we use it in Elementary school? Obviously, our students are too young to be using these platforms (or they are as far as Twitter and Facebook rules go, but really, how many have an account??). So, how do we use it in a way that reaches parents and keeps them involved?

If you have a method that works for you, please share it here!

Also, for kid friendly ways to keep elementary students tech savvy and engaged in the classroom, check out Kidblog as a resource. It gives teachers a way to start a thread and monitor replies and comments while allowing students to explore the world of blogging. For those of us comfortable here on WordPress, it looks and functions almost identically as far as the dashboard goes. Edmodo is another teacher led platform that looks a lot like Facebook, but is teacher controlled. Great resources both of them.

Share you ideas! Then, share this post to reach out to the teachers that you know who are making great use of technology in their classroom to pass on their favorite tools!

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