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This post was lost in Draft-land but worth sharing anyway.

Today was the last day in my first student teaching placement, and I am flatly refusing to say “good bye.” There is no way I can let these amazing people, big and small, leave my life as finally as the words good bye would seem. My cooperating teacher has become a dear friend and I am so blessed to have someone I know I can talk to and cry to, and I pray she knows she can do the same with me. My students will forever have a place in my heart. There are some who made me laugh, others who tested me, and all made me proud of them and sad to leave today.
Tears will flow as I read and re-read, and read again the sweet letters they wrote as a farewell. I know that there will come a day when I am feeling defeated and stressed and that will be the time that those letters will be the bouy that lifts me out of the flood and carries me through the storm.
I am forever grateful for this experience and the friends I have made. The time flew far to quickly.
Tomorrow, I start a new adventure in a different school and different grade level. There will be much to learn from this placement as well, and memories to be made, but sitting here in this moment, I cannot imagine feeling this way twice. I am blessed. And I am refusing to say “good bye.”