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Little Sandy Toes on the BeachIT”S SPRING BREAK!!!!! Time to get things done. Many folks will be heading out to relax on the beach or going to that special place with the mouse. Not me. This student teacher has a lot to do.

First things first. Since I never changed my name on my social security card to my married name (almost 7 years ago), I will be taking care of that this week. It hasn’t mattered until now. It is important to fix that before my teaching license paperwork goes in.

My second project will be going through my e-potfolio and getting all of the attachments that are required to be in there all plugged in and ready for my symposium.

Other than those very important tasks, I will be working on cleaning and purging the apartment to start fresh and get this small space back into a functioning home. When you are student teaching things become a little out of control. There is always something for school, whether college or the school you are working at, that needs doing and it always seems to take longer than you plan and then the laundry pile grows before you realize what happened.

So, enjoy your sand between your toes and overpriced concessions. I will be spending my spring break cleaning house and getting things all wrapped up and ready for graduation! Have a wonderful Spring Break!