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Cherry blossoms in SpringThey say “Patience is a virtue.”  It is amusing to me as I sit here and think about the ways I have patience and the ways I don’t.  When it comes to thinking about the future, I have no patience at all.

It is a tremendous challenge for me to think about my teaching future at the moment.  I need a job.  There, I said it.  Student teaching is work, but not a job.  Having a job implies that you are paid for the work you do in ways other than experience, so I need to get me one of those lined up.

Here’s where the lack of patience comes in.  As is the norm for the spring, there are positions being posted in the county for next school year.  As they come up, I am tempted to apply because of the previous comment.  However, there are issues with each of the positions.  The main issue is that they are not at one of the few schools I really want to teach in.  Here’s the problem: once you take a position, you must wait 3-5 years to request a transfer.  So, just taking a job for the sake of having one that is somewhere you may not thrive is risky.

I know where I want to teach.  I am trying to be patient for openings there, but to be frank and honest, as so many of you have thanked me for in the past, I am freaking out a little over here as jobs post at different schools.

Let me hear from you.  How did your first teaching position come about?  Was it where you wanted, or was it a foot in the door thing?  Tell your story!  Maybe hearing the journeys of others will help me develop some patience, or if nothing else, pass some time while I enjoy reading them!