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It’s been a while since I posted here and there’s a reason for that. It’s been a tough year for this teacher. Like second-guess your career choice tough. Not being one to air my grievances on my blog (I save that for my poor Facebook friends, bless them), I decided not to post anything at all.

But with the end in sight and creative juices flowing (not to mention being on spring break and able to breathe for a few days), I thought I would post pictures of my classroom and some anchor charts I’ve done for the kids.

Hey, if it doesn’t feel good, at least make it look good.

First up, my new spring time classroom door decoration.  My room is known by the green pouf on the door, so I left it and added the flowers I made.


Next, my I’m Done poster.  Kids need to know what their options are.  There’s a blank apple that I can write something else on with a dry erase marker.


Water Cycle



Cloud Types



Parts of Speech


Weather Tools (I used the foldable that was my model for their class assignment.)


Types of Communities


I suppose I could work on my handwriting, but I’m old, so who cares.  It’s a sight better than that of my third graders.

About the time we were doing our space unit, I happened to go into a clothing store at our local mall and mentioned I loved the decorations and wished I could have some for my classroom.  The manager told me to hang on a minute and she would see what she could find.  Turned out, they had taken down a display and had tons of Mylar balloons and metallic garland.  So, I took it to school and turned my room into my own personal galaxy.














You may notice the sparseness of the room.  I’d say it is because I am a new teacher and haven’t accumulated much.  Partially true.  Mostly, I’m just OCD like that about clutter and stuff being out of place.  The kids are funny and have got me figured out.  I stood by a particularly cluttered desk area and the student next to the mess maker said, “Dude, you better clean that up.  You’re freaking her out!”  Well said, small friend.