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The planner I chose, but will be personalized with my initials.

The planner I chose, but will be personalized with my initials.

Ok, there are a TON of lesson plan books out there to choose from.  There are products you can download and spend a small fortune on ink to print out, and others that just don’t cut it.  I know, I’ve tried them.  And then I found Erin Condren.

So, what makes it worth the money?  (And, yes, it’s not cheap.)

The fact that it’s adorable and classy is a huge plus for me.  I’m a middle school teacher and I don’t want smiling rulers or little cartoon kids on my planner.  I want something that is trendy and more grown up.  These are fabulous because not only can you personalize them with your name or initials, but now you can even add your own photos to the thick, slick, sturdy covers!

Calendar pages are customize-able to the month you want it to start with and tabbed for easy reference.  There are lots of extras like grid pages, list spread pages, a sturdy plastic envelope bound in, a clear page for slipping in important papers, a pocket folder, event stickers, and so many other fabulous organizing tools.

No, I don’t work for Erin Condren and I certainly don’t make any type of commission or anything for writing this.  I just want to share a tool that has been a non-negotiable part of my yearly planning.  Yes, it’s not  the cheapest planning book out there by any means, but it is the best I have found and well worth the money to me.

Check it out here!