Let The Observations Commence


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MP900439473I may have taken on a bit more than I originally intended as far as my formal observations go, but I think it will all be okay. You see, I just got so carried away making fun lesson plans that I have fallen into my usual chronic over-acheiver-ness once again. A simple math lesson on decimals now involves a giant human number line. A simple expository writing prompt now involves the creation of a newspaper called The Colonial Times which has become a cross-curricular adventure in journalism that involves my digging up passages on famous colonials for all 13 colonies. It is going to be so much fun for the next few days, but a colossal work load to get ready. Hopefully the lessons will be a hit with my CT, University supervisor, and principal who will all be watching! Wish me luck!


Adventures in Door Decorating


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classroom door decorationThis week I got to do my first classroom door decoration! Being someone who is happiest with glue and scissors in my hand, this was a ton of fun to do. My Cooperating Teacher (CT) and I talked about a way to do an interactive door where the kids could put something they learned or a question they still had after the lesson. A ticket out the door sort of thing. This is how it turned out.

The students may not get the Bloom’s Garden center (Blooms Taxonomy) reference, or the Webb’s Diving School (Webb’s Depth of Knowledge) one, but the teachers will. There’s the magic shop and the funny Einstein photo for the students. The kids will “park” their sticky notes with their big thoughts in the parking spaces on the door. We can use these to assess their understanding and see where we may need to reteach.

It ties directly in with out new classroom management tool using red cards and green cards:

red cards green cards classroom management

Kids “park” their questions and comments on sticky notes to share during “green card” times. They can use these to park on the door as well.

It’s all a work in progress and I’m sure there will be updates to come on how it all works out. In the meantime, we have a super cute door decoration and lots of curiosity building for how we plan to use it!



Student Teaching Adventure Begins!


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hydrangeas sepiaAnd it couldn’t be better! I have truly been blessed by my placement. I knew it would be nice to have a principal I was familiar with, but it has gone beyond that. The teacher I am working with is amazing. She is generous with her time, talent, and knowledge. She has a true heart for teaching and it shows in all she does. Her kids are learning so much and experiencing lots of technology and innovations. I am so grateful to have her to learn from!

On the flip side of the coin, she is grateful to have me to learn from as well. I have special ed experience she doesn’t have and so we have truly experienced a sharing of ideas to help make the experience great for both of us and especially the students.

She has made me feel welcome and important as well as supported and encouraged. I am SO blessed! I have been excited about this new part of my journey and am thrilled with the way it has turned out. We laugh and learn all day and that makes teaching with her a joy. That joy translates to the students who are excited about learning through hands on tasks and technology. I can’t wait to take what I learn from these kids and their talented teacher with the big heart and pass it on to my own students!

And, surprisingly, I am enjoying teaching math. (Math makes me cry. Seriously.) I am still a bit intimidated (probably because I have never been able to remember my multiplication facts and I am even slower than many of the kids with them). However, the technology and the activities my cooperating teacher uses has made it fun to teach, even for a true mathphobe.

Tomorrow, I am on my own teaching since my CT is out at training all day. Wish me luck!


Failure To Communicate


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Kindle CoverYesterday I was a bit too excited and failed to properly communicate the details of the book release. Thanks to some questions from readers, I will now clear that up. Much love for keeping me straight, guys!

The details:

The book is available through the Kindle store for KINDLE, KINDLE FIRE, as well as iPADS/PODS/PHONEs and DRIOD DEVICES with the free downloadable Kindle app. All you need is a free Amazon account.

So, get yours today for $3.99! Click here to go straight to it to get a sneak peek!

Thank you for all the love and support! It means the world to me!

Coming Soon to an Amazon Near You


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Kindle CoverIt is about time I took matters into my own hands and got my book out there for more than just the selected few who have been laughing along with the antics of my spunky little girl, Max.

I have long documented my quest to find the funny in the chaos of raising a little one with Sensory Processing Disorder, specifically, a Sensory Seeker, by blogging about it. It seemed everything I could find about parenting a Seeker was written by frazzled moms who had lost sight of their child as a child and could only see the disability. I decided then that I would not be one of those frazzled parents, or if I was, I was going to have some good laughs along the way. Max is a funny quirky little girl with a unique lens through which she sees the world. She may have a disability, but it doesn’t have her. Max can give anyone a run for their money!

Look for updates on the availability of the paperback and Kindle versions of the book, Mushrooms In My Head, Dead Lions In The Yard coming soon!

Sprouted Legs And Walked Away


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emoticon question marksThere are two ways to get your house cleaned in record time : unexpected company on the way over and losing something important.

I now have a clean house. I do not have company. Sadly, I also do not have my car keys.

No, not really about writing or teaching, and I’m certainly not laughing. But I’m also not going anywhere any time soon and needed a little pity. Or a designated spot to place car keys. And perhaps some advice on what to do about the gremlins I evidently have in my house that are partial to shiny things.